Home Bar or Beer Garden

We can help you:

  • Creating a bar within your garden
  • Creating a bar within your home
  • Converting a room into a home bar
  • Convert the attic into a home bar
  • Guide you on other home bar options within your house

With everything that is going on, and the fluctuating opening and closing of pubs and social venues, people are turning to the idea of creating their own beer gardens and home bars.

No matter your beer garden needs, we can help. We have created many beer garden and party areas in back gardens throughout Redditch and can advise you on how to approach it, and build your beer garden in no time!

Prefer the home bar option? We’ve got you covered! No matter where you are thinking, we can make your home bar dream a reality.¬†Why not give us a call and walk through what you’re looking to achieve and find out how we can help!